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Art Hostess & Mentor
Cara Duke
cara duke, owner of cara's paint box

I am a self-taught artist and art teacher that works with a wide variety of materials, such as decorative tissues and papers, as well as acrylic and watercolour paints and more.

Instead of the conventional paintbrush, I tend to work with a variety of tools, including palette knives, old cards and plastic, in order to give a unique technique and style to all works of art.

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, I nourish my passion of art through hosting art events, workshops and art birthday parties to art enthusiasts of all ages. I am also an art teacher and assistant teacher at the Montessori Country School. Our events are hosted in Milton and the surrounding areas.

No matter what the medium, I try to make the atmosphere fun, light-hearted and engaging. To learn more about upcoming events or services, please contact me today!


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